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Do you do custom orders? - Yes! We do. We often get requests for specific items for weddings, photo shoots, and various events. We will gladly work with you on your custom piece.

Do I get a discount if ordering for a bridal party? - Of course. We are more than happy to provide you and your crew with anything you need for your special day or event.

Do you do alterations? - Yes. Whether it be a wedding dress alteration of a pair of jeans hemmed. Email or call to arrange a time to pop by the studio and we can take a look at your garment.

I saw you at a market and I didn't get to try on a kimono, which market are you at next so I can try it on? - We always post our next event or appearance on our social media channels, instagram & Facebook. Additionally if you want to try something on before buying online please feel free to call or email and we can arrange a time for you to come by the studio. 

Do you do wholesale? - We do! We are a small batch company so larger orders do take a bit more time for us to organize and create. 

Any additonal questions please email us or give us a call.